Our declaration to the people of Cyprus with respect to recent events:

130319 cyprus[1]

Document als pdf: Link.

Link to the declaration in German.

To support this declaration, send an email with your name and address to: Kontakt@aktionsbuendnis-direkte-demokratie.de.

Text of the declaration:

„To: the citizens of Cyprus: For genuine democracy – against all kinds of subjugation on behalf of the Euro

19 March 2013

Dear people and friends in Cyprus,

dear fellow men in Europe.

With indignation and frightening the Aktionsbündnis Direkte Demokratie, which has been operating for a number of years in order to create a degree of awareness of the pressing need for the German people to understand the so-called rescue package and stabilizing of the Euro in particular on whose costs and in whose interest, had to take knowledge of a recent example of the elimination of any democracy by the EU Ministers of Finance during the night of 15/16 March 2013.

For most people in Europe the introduction of the ESM (European stability mechanism) and the fiscal pact was in the abstract; only a few ones got the message that with it the sovereignty of the single states in the euro-zone was given up in favour of an EU dictatorship by a not democratically legitimized Governor’s council.

This step of the escalation now reached by the decision of the EU Ministers of Finance in collaboration with the IWF is another demonstration that all our EU governments have left the basis of democracy.

Finally, we hope that now all European citizens do understand this signal to strike back at their governments by mechanisms based on democratic leverage to end the free play of all EU authorities to show them as well as their planned bank run the red card by performing mass demonstrations.

We express our total solidarity with the citizens of Cyprus that are now being heavily affected by this inhuman politics. 

In Europe, we all have remained silent for so longin fact, too long – we have watched as Greece has been brought to ruin followed by Ireland, Portugal, and Spain. How come?

First, they all were pushed by an insane currency regime and economic regime in the expenses excess so as subsequently to be thrusted in 2010 by a weird pseudo thrift excess to the economic deadlock.

We as individuals, we went through the world with open eyes trying to make sense of what we see: the destruction of important social infrastructures, powerlessness in the face of mass unemployment and social crisis and the related lack of perspective of large parts of the population especially the dispiriting effects of high youth unemployment, which all could spread further throughout the European Union – in this respect, notwithstanding allegations made by the European mainstream media, all mentioned points do apply to Germany as well.

We, the Aktionsbündnis Direkte Demokratie, distance ourselves from the inhumane and destructive policy of our government, the EZB (European Central Bank), and all EU Institutions as well.

Let us, therefore, together take up the challenge for a new Europe, an Europe of native countries, founded on the sovereignty of every nation and on the founding values of our own traditions and civilisations.

No action is too big or too small: whether is it a huge demonstration, a flash mob action, a protest letter, or something completely different.

IT’S TIME – FOLKS – Let’s tackle it!“

ADD: direct democracy – without compromise.


Kommentare zu: "To the Citizens of Cyprus: For genuine democracy – against all kinds of subjugation on behalf of the Euro" (2)

  1. @ADD, vielen herzlichen Dank für das Schreiben. Als kleine Anmerkung, der IWF (Internationaler Währungs Fonds) heisst im Englischen richtigerweise IMF (International Monetary Funds). Im Englischsprachigen Ausland wird man mit „IWF“ nichts anzufangen wisseen.

  2. Andreas schrieb:

    Das zypriotische Parlament hat für`s Volk entschieden.

    Die nächste Klatsche für Merkel & Konsorten

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